Bristol Chen Tai Chi Association

Master Chen YingJun

Our classes are based around the system taught to us directly by Master Chen YingJun, as taught to him from infancy by his father Grandmaster Chen XiaoWang – the 19th Generational head of the style. 

We are privileged to have a teacher that spends much of his time travelling the world, giving open honest teaching as he goes. Many people are now beginning to travel great distances – so I am putting in links to each of the other places you can train with this awesome Master

If you are a teacher, teaching under Master YingJun, and would like to add your link to this page – please do get in touch – together we are stronger!

Come along and drop in to develop Balance and Power

Martial and Health aspects taught to the highest level

Syllabus includes:
LaoJia Long Form and Canon Fist, QiGong and Silk Reeling meditation, Broadsword, Sabre, Spear and GuangDao forms, Push-hands and Martial Applications

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