Bristol Chen Tai Chi Association

Classes in Bristol and Weston

Come along to any of our classes – drop in and give it a go!

Lessons are mixed ability. Mark does group warm ups, standing meditation and simple silk reeling exercises with the whole group. The class then divides up depending on interest, ability and/or issues we are working on. Each small group is supported by senior students who have been helping Mark teach for many years (some as long as 30!) – while Mark circulates to support each group and ensure each student is getting what they personally need.

Our unique approach allows everyone to have an experience finely adjusted to meet their interests and requirements – so whether you are starting with a severe illness or disability, or are a serious Martial Artist looking to develop your technique to release internal power – we can cater to you as an individual!

Classes are paid for on the day – give us a call or an email to find out more about how the classes work.

Bristol - Monday and Thursday - 7.00-9.00pm

Classes are in Victoria Methodists Church hall – 1a Whiteladies Rd – BS8 1NU

cost £12 per session

Weston - Wednesdays - 7.00-8.30pm

Classes are in The Campus main hall – HIghlands Rd – BS24 7DX

cost £9 per session

Specialist Classes

Parkinsons - Weston - Thursday - 11-12pm

Please contact Lynn Wrathall – for more information

Over 30 Years Mark has worked closely with many different disabilities – including:

Chronic fatigue (and related issues), severe brain injury, severe sport injuries (including broken spine), epilepsy, MS, diabetes, various immune regulated disorders, PTSD and various mental health issues

In each case, where a client practises and works on the exercises given, we have seen great improvements in a matter of weeks!

Come along and drop in to develop Balance and Power

Martial and Health aspects taught to the highest level

Syllabus includes:
LaoJia Long Form and Canon Fist, QiGong and Silk Reeling meditation, Broadsword, Sabre, Spear and GuangDao forms, Push-hands and Martial Applications

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